Maldon Yoga


Benefits of Yoga​

Yoga aims to unite the body/mind/spirit so that you feel energised, healthy and whole You do not have to be athletic as it is easily adapted to a range of ages and abilities Yoga tones the muscles and helps to regulate the metabolism, this provides more flexibility and improves the posture.

When the spine is flexible the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain is unimpeded and this also means that you feel more alert and have more energy Yoga helps to develop awareness both of your mental and physical state and relaxation and visualisation will help you to relax more easily

The breathing exercises – pranayama – help to improve lung capacity, focus the mind, and cleanse the body, whilst providing a way of attaining inner calm.

Yoga helps you to develop the tools you will need to cope with the stresses and strains of modern living; whether you are a young parent, an office worker, a teacher or a retired person it will help to provide you with a positive approach to stressful situations.